If you wish to become a coalition member, or member of a local YOSA Association, volunteer, donate equipment books or funds, visit YSS, or contact YOSA International for any other reason, please use the form below.

Alternatively you can get in touch directly using the following contact details:

Teaching and Learning Working Group  

Lead:  Sahr O Fasuluku (UK) sahrfas@yahoo.co.uk +44 7740 277 969

Classroom Readiness Working Group 

Lead: Sahr Pombor (USA) spombor@yahoo.com +1 571 279 2435


Security and Safeguarding Working Group

Lead: Abibatu Daramy (USA) estheradaramy@gmail.com +1 240 832 7451


Teachers Accommodation Restoration Working Group

Lead: Acting Principal David Njawa (Sierra Leone) davidanjawa@gmail.com +232 76 786833


Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Working Group

Lead: Sahr Kemoh (Kenya) sahrkemoh6@gmail.com +254 717 500051


Electricity Working Group

Lead: Sahr Kemoh (Kenya) sahrkemoh6@gmail.com +254 717 500051

Fundraising and Partnerships Working Group

Lead: Isatta Sangba (Sierra Leone) +232 76 229285

Sierra Leone Coordinator 

Joseph Sengbo Kabia (Sierra Leone) d4kangama@gmail.com +232 88 118877

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