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The state of Sierra Leone’s teaching, learning and safeguarding of our children in schools is dismal.  YSS ALUMNI ARE HELPING. 

Since late 2020 the YOSA International coalition and its working groups have been meeting on Zoom and strategically planning a programme of restoration with the school authorities. Eddie Finnegan, a YSS founder, ex head of English and VP 1964-1974, has issued a $100 CHALLENGE TO THE MANY THOUSANDS OF YSS ALUMNI WHO’VE GONE THROUGH THE SCHOOL SINCE ITS FOUNDING. If every alumnus contributed just $100 this would be more than enough to sustainably renovate and run YSS at the highest standards and give a future to our graduates for many years to come, restoring its status as one of the best schools in Sierra Leone. 

Following on from the 2014-16 Finnegan family fund library and science lab projects, Eddie and Irish ex-teachers have already contributed $10,000 towards the teaching and learning restricted fund, Lansana Marah has pledged $10,000 towards the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) restricted fund, USA YOSA alumni have raised $2000 in unrestricted funds and SL YOSA have raised $1820, other alumni have made in-kind contributions including the loan of a 10kva generator, printer, water pump and more. 


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Teaching and Learning Working Group

The single most important purpose of every school is excellent learning & attainment. Our flagship project will boost skills and quality of teaching and learning by hiring an extra 5 highly skilled teachers for regular INSETT (in service training), to demonstrate outstanding teaching practices, upgrade systems for full curriculum delivery, improve assessment, and introduce daily after school remedial classes in English and Maths.

Lead: Sahr O Fasuluku (UK) sahrfas@yahoo.co.uk +44 7740 277 969


Classroom Readiness Working Group

The usual wear and tear in schools means most classes need new desks and chairs, renovated blackboards, window and door repairs. Library furniture, roofs, ceilings & staffroom need repairs. Books, IT and internet need replacing. An alumnus has donated a small printer, though a larger one will also be necessary. YOSA will work from class to class in stages until the whole school is fit for purpose.

Lead: Sahr Pombor (US) spombor@yahoo.com  +1 571 279 2435

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Security and safeguarding Working Group

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Sustainability and safeguarding are our overarching concerns. To ensure lasting programme impact, student safeguarding especially for girls, and security of assets; we’ll be introducing safeguarding training & enforcement, financial/asset management and accountability systems, security personnel, security systems and boundary repairs.

Lead: Abibatu Daramy (US)  estheradaramy@gmail.com +1 240 832 7451


Teachers Accommodation Working Group

To attract and retain better skilled teachers, accommodation on campus needs renovation. With a few exceptions this hasn’t been done since the post war era and quarters are seriously dilapidated. It’s our aim to ensure every teachers quarter has windows, a bed, chair, desk, secure door and electricity, as well as decent toilets in their compound. We also intend for teachers to pay for ongoing maintenance.

Lead: Acting Principal David Njawa (SL) davidanjawa@gmail.com +232 76 786833

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Working Group

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) are vital for healthy students, for girls’ dignity and safety and to ensure girls can attend school.  At present toilets are dysfunctional because of lack of water and poor maintenance. Alumni have donated pumps, and a full 5 year life-cycle-costed school WASH project is in the technical planning stage.

Lead: Sahr Kemoh (French Guiana) sahrkemoh6@gmail.com +254 717 500051

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Electricity Supply Working Group

Our ultimate goal is a 40-60kw solar-powered clean energy school. In the short term however, we’ve already started construction plans on a powerhouse for a 10kw generator which we received on loan from a YSS alumnus. Electricity is essential for computers, water-pumps, printers, internet, lighting for after school studies and teachers’ quarters.

 Lead: Sahr Kemoh (French Guiana) sahrkemoh6@gmail.com +254 717 500051

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