YSS Science Labs Works and African Literature Collection- Latest Pictures December 2014

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The Chemistry lab furniture is coming along nicely, in addition work has already gone a distance on the Biology and Physics labs furntiture.

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David Gbongbor in Canada reports the possibility of some second hand surplus chemistry lab equipment, we are awaiting confirmation, anyone else with any science lab equipment please email us at info@yss-association.org.uk or contact us on facebook.

The Chemistry Lab sinks and taps have arrived at the school now, along with some of Eddie Finnegan's special collection of African and other literature, on 14th December 2014. The books will be held in special glass fronted book cases to protect this valuable collection. See details of the initial titles in the list below.

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Delivery Confirmation Report from YSS Keifa Swarray and Acting Principal Nanoh 14 12 2014


The following items were received from the Rokel Shipping Company- Freetown on the

13th December, 2014:

A big wooden box containing eleven (11) cartons. Cartons labels:

1.Sink plus Library books (special collection)

2.Sink plus Library books

3.Sink plus Library books

4.Sink plus 5 sink wastes & plugs

5.Sink plus 5 sink wastes & plugs plus 1 litre spray liquids and 1 bottle anti bacterial for hand wash.

6.Sink plus 3 bottles of detol, Johnson’s disinfectant & antibacterial for hand wash.

7.Sink & 21 bars of soap & 2 litres spray for liquids.

8.8, 9 and 10 were having sinks only.

11. 10 Swan neck Taps.

There were 41 Library books and 5 magazines in all.

Details of the books received (Eddie Finnegan special collection African and other literature):

1.Anthills of the Swannah -------------- Chinua Achebe – (2 copies)

2.No Longer at Ease -------------- Chinua Achebe – (2 copies)

3.Weep not child -------------- Ngugi Wa Thongo

4.A Grain of Wheat -------------- Ngugi

5.Devil on the Cross -------------- Ngugi (2 copies)

6.A Bend in the River -------------- V. S. Naipaul

7.Haroun and The Sea of stories ------------- Salman Rushdie

8.The full Cupboard of Life -------------- Alexander McCall Smith

9.Life and Times of Michael K. -------------- J. M. Coetzee

10.Tsotsi A Novel (So`t-se`) --------------- Athol Fugard

11.Things fall Apart -------------- Chinua Achebe – (2 copies)

12.Arrow of God -------------- Chinua Achebe

13.A man of the People --------------- Chinua Achebe

14.Nairobi Heat --------------- Mukuma Wa Ngugi

15.Black Star Nairobi --------------- Mukuma Wa Ngufi

16.The Dilema of the Ghost --------------- Christina Ama Ata Aidoo

17.Casualities Poems 1966/68 --------------- J. P. Clark

18.The Village Witch Doctor & other Stories --------------- Amos Tutuola

19.A Wreath for the Maidens --------------- John Munonye

20.Season of Migration to the North --------------- Tayel Salil

21.The Beautiful ones are not yet Born --------------- Ayikwei Armah

22.The Interpreters --------------- Wole Soyinka

23.The African -------------- William Conton

24.An Anthology with Class Work (West African Prose) -------Ama DJoleto & Thomas Kwami

25.Modern African Prose --------------- Richard Rive

26.Tribal Scars --------------- Sembene Ousmane

27.God’s bits of wood --------------- Sembene Ousmane

28.The Stone Country --------------- Alex La Guma

29.Restless City and Christmas Gold -------------- Cyprian Ekwenzi

30.The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency --------------- Alexander McCall Smith

31.The Hairdresser of Harare --------------- Tendai Huchu

32.The Devil That Danced on the Water -------------- Aminata Forna

33.Maru –African Writers series ------------- Bessie Head

34.The Things Around your Neck ------------- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

35.Half of a Yellow Sun ------------- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

36.Purple Hibiscus -------------- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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