Irish ex-teachers donation promoting Catholic ethos, gender equity, teaching and learning

In October 2019, Irish former YSS teachers Ciarán McGoey, Father John Flavin CSSp and Paddy McDermott raised funds for YSS in memory of late Father Raymond Barry CSSp (Founding Principal of YSS) and late Father Peter Newman CSSp (second PP of CK Parish Yengema and Founder of Uganda Martyrs Koidu).

Of the funds raised, 15,000 Euros (Le178.4 million) were donated to YSS on the 30th January 2021 and deposited in Yengema Secondary School's bank Account. To make this a convenient round sum of Le180 million for the fund, the donors requested that the shortfall of Le1.6 million be contributed by the YSS Board or the Proprietors, as a token of partnership.

The donors told the school that the funds must be used as follows:

  1. Le 60,000,000 towards renewal of Yengema Secondary School's Catholic Ethos: via National Professional Standards, Curriculum, Leadership and Liturgy and Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

  2. Le 60,000,000 towards fostering YSS Girls’ Welfare & Education through a Gender-balanced Teaching Staff

  3. Le60,000,000 towards improving Teaching and Learning in all the Sciences for YSS girls as well as boys

1. Catholic Ethos Renewal via National Professional Standards & Catholic Social Teaching (CST) *

  • Professional Standards: integrate a relevant selection of Catholic Social Teaching on Authentic Human Development into the Teaching Service Commission’s ‘Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders’, Standards 1 & 2 on International & Sierra Leonean contexts and goals of education.

  • Yengema Parish and Yengema Town are the local context

  • Use CST in all Curriculum Subjects to enrich implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to complement Professional Standards on Human Rights, ethics in schools and Community Engagement.

  • Key Staff in leadership positions to participate in Kenema Pastoral Centre courses on Catholic school leadership and ethos; all Staff members to have regular INSETT seminars on Catholic school ethos and Catholic Social Teaching.

  • YSS Chaplaincy, led by Father Aiah Kemoh PP and with part-time male and female teacher/chaplains, with regular Liturgy, paraliturgies, religious & philosophical discussion, and outreach to Christ the King Parish primary & pre-schools.

2. Girls' Welfare & Educational Equality via Gender-balanced Staff *

  • Qualified Catholic Women Teachers – with supplement to YSS stipend for those not yet on government salary.

  • Supplement small stipends for capable Girl School-Leavers to work with Prefects, Senior & Junior Girls, and to liaise with Form/Class/Year Pastoral and School Leaders.

  • Ring-fence small budgets for (a) upkeep of the "Gender Room" and (b) provision for Girls' personal needs to support all Girls' welfare and regular school attendance.

3. Improve Teaching & Learning in all the Sciences for YSS Girls and Boys : March 2021 – Dec 2023 *

  • Le20 million starter fund to supplement recruitment of Female and Male teachers of the Sciences for all students.

  • Le20 million starter fund to supplement provision of equipment & materials for Practical Chemistry, Biology, &?Physics.

  • Le20 million starter fund to supplement refurnishing the “Old Labs” (1964-70) for Applied Life & Environmental Sciences e.g. Integrated Science, Health & Hygiene, Food & Nutrition, Home Management, Horticulture, Forestry and Biodiversity.

  • The former Biology Lab was completely refurbished and re-purposed as a Library in 2013-’14, but its secure steel windows, doors, screens, tiling, Prep Room etc would make it suitable for Food & Nutrition/ Food Preparation. Given adequate funding by YOSA International, two new Labs /Teaching Rooms could be added to this block by 2023-’24.

* A sum of, say, Le9million deducted from the above would refurbish/replace the very deteriorated Memorial to Founding Principal, Fr Barry, and at the same time erect a suitably designed School Sign near the main entrance.

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