Ohhhhhh YSS, the Pride of Kono, where art thou?

by Aiah C. Mani, Graduation Class of 87

I am getting increasingly convinced that 50% of YSS’ status depended on the presence of the NDMC (National Diamond Mining Company, Yengema). Almost all the female teachers and administrators were attached to the company:

Mrs. Deen, Mrs. S.R Dumbar, Mrs. Ngebeh, Mrs. Amara, Mrs. Kemoh, Mrs. Alhassan Coker, Mrs. Joyce Ganda, Miss Doris Patewa....

Even the student population had the same or similar effect.

With the closure of the company, as a result of the war, all these people found their way back to their communities of origin, making our YSS a mere shadow of its original self.

Thanks go to determined Boys and Girls of the Alma-Mater who are making frantic efforts to turn things around. Dear YSSers, tin don kam pan kam. We are in a completely different era in which restoring YSS GLORY seems an up-hill task. It takes the Grace of God, Love for Education, Power of Nostalgia and Sense of Gratitude, to join the struggle to bring back YSS. It is do-able, and we have started seeing signs. We need to do more.

Let us register, donate, and help coordinate.

YSSers in Government and other influential positions, please advocate for the restoration of services in and around Yengema to attract teachers and students to the school. Doing the road from Koidu to Yormadu, a police post in Yengema, rebuilding the market, among others, would have a position impact on our beloved school. I understand one of our Philanthropists is making progress on building a hospital; how sweet!

Let’s not keep comparing YSS of yester years with today. Do something today.

I will.

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