Video: YOSA International's 2021 programme presentation

On Saturday 3rd July 2021 YSS alumni public Zoom meeting finalised plans for the YOSA International coalition's 2021 programme and appeal. ZOOM MEETING AGENDA:

  1. Briefing on the work done so far by the restoration committee and its working groups, overview of the proposed programme and funding targets

  2. Briefing on restoration documents, presentation by committee leads

  3. Deciding on the launch date of the fundraising drive, Eddie Finnegan Challenge, programme launch date and formation of fundraising team

  4. Questions and Answers

Since late 2020 the committee and working groups have been meeting on Zoom and strategically planning a programme of restoration with the school authorities. Eddie Finnegan, a YSS founder, ex head of English and VP 1964-1974, has issued a $100 (Le 1 million) CHALLENGE TO THE MANY THOUSANDS OF YSS ALUMNI WHO’VE GONE THROUGH THE SCHOOL SINCE ITS FOUNDING (as many as 4000 YSS students!). If every alumnus contributed just $100 this would be more than enough to sustainably renovate and run YSS at the highest standards and give a future to our graduates for many years to come, restoring its status as one of the best schools in Sierra Leone.

Following on from 2014-16 Finnegan family fund library and science lab projects, Eddie and Irish ex-teachers recently contributed 15,000 Euros (Le178.4 million) in restricted funds* directly to YSS' bank account in Sierra Leone for the following purposes:

  1. Le 60 million (5000 Euros) towards renewal of Yengema Secondary School's Catholic Ethos: via National Professional Standards, Curriculum, Leadership and Liturgy and Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

  2. Le 60 million (5000 Euros) towards fostering YSS Girls’ Welfare & Education through a Gender-balanced Teaching Staff.

  3. Le 60 million (5000 Euros) towards improving Teaching and Learning in all the Sciences for YSS girls as well as boys.

Lansana Marah has pledged US$10,000 in restricted funds* to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), USA YOSA alumni have raised $2000 in unrestricted funds and SL YOSA have raised US$1,820 in unrestricted funds, other alumni have made in-kind contributions including the gift of a new 10kva generator by Abibatu Daramy and her husband, a printer, water pump and more. (For an explanation of restricted funds see* below)

Join our Zoom meetings or contact our working groups of alumni, educators & development experts organising YSS’ restoration. You can join our working groups on Whatsapp and stay informed of our activities. Keep up to date and interact on Facebook. and Twitter and watch our videos on YouTube Alternatively contact Isatta Sangba our fundraising and partnerships lead in Sierra Leone on +232 76 229285, Joseph Sembo Kabia our country coordinator +232 88 118877, or any of our leadership team via contact details on our Programme Page.

View the video above and visit our Programme page for more details of our full programme of restoration.

* 'Restricted funds’ are sums of money that are held on trust for particular purposes and can only be spent on those purposes. This is decided by the donor. ‘Restricted fund’ is the accounting term; in legal terms, it may be described as a ‘trust fund.’ Note that each restricted fund is a ‘charity’ in its own right.

'Designated funds' are not the same as restricted funds. ‘Designated funds’ are sums of unrestricted money held by a YOSA organisation or the coalition which they earmark for specific purposes.

If a YOSA organisation, the coalition or any other donor donates money to YSS for a specific purpose then the school is legally obliged to treat them as restricted funds.

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